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 Fuck My Tight Pussy

Description: This petite blonde was standing in the street and looking like she was in distress. I walked up and asked what was wrong. She was cold, her phone didn't work, and she had forgotten her wallet! Her name was Geishakyd, and she was in Prague for a modeling gig. What a coincidence, I told her I was a modeling agent. I offered her some cash for a quick casting, enough to fix her phone and get home. The small blonde came off with me, and we stared the casting. She showed me her perky boobs and shook her ass in see-through tights. I offered her more money for a blowjob, and when she wrapped her lips around my big dick, she told me she also wanted it in her pussy. I fucked Geishakyd's hair pussy from behind standing doggystyle, then stretched her pussy as she rode me on the ground. She came heavy on my dick, the eagerly enjoyed a facial!

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